Fideuà is a distinctive recipe from the birthplace of paella: Valencia, Spain. This paella adaptation incorporates thin noodles (fideu) instead of rice.

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This Spanish seafood classic is a mouth-watering combination of seafood and corvina coupled with a savory tomato sauce with a hint of saffron. Served with choice of linguini pasta, wild, or white rice.

Our Basque variation of this creamy Italian rice dish incorporates portabella mushrooms, seafood and Italian Arborio rice

Our classic Basque dish is made by simmering cod in a bath of olive oil flavored by garlic and mild peppers. The oil and peppers are pureed to form a remarkably light and delicate emulsion sauce. Served with steaming white rice and choice of side vegetable.

Our recipe for this codfish fricassee is a closely guarded family secret. The salted cod is prepared in a red sauce made of ripe tomatoes and flavorful red bell peppers. Served with steaming white rice and choice of side vegetable accompaniment.

Let us prepare the locally available fish of your choice: Grouper, Snapper, Mahi, Tuna & more.

Squid ink is added to the seafood broth used to make the rice, giving the dish an exquisite flavor and dark color. Calamari, shrimp, green shell mussels & little neck clams

Boneless chicken and fresh seafood (calamari, peeled and devained shrimp, green shell mussels, & little-neck clams)  with rice and vegetables. Garnished with Florida lobster.